moved by your imagination
About the CreaTimber

Creatimber moves not only the children's imagination but gives them a new moving experience.
It developes a sense of balance, body awareness and it is also excellent for stimulating the vestibular system.
It encourages little ones and older children to move and play.
These all have an effect on learning processes such as reading or studying Maths. Like so many other things, imagination is hardly something we need to give our children, for it is simply a part of who they are.
Simple, natural and it looks great in your home.
Each board is a unique design of nature and handmade with a lots of love and care.
Registered hungarian trademark.

Technical information:
100% handmade product. Made of sustainably harvested European poplar plywood (FSC), water based wood stain and varnish is used for surface treatment.
Size: 29cm x 98 cm
Weight: approx. 3,3 kg.
Due to its material and shaping it is safe.
Designed for children, but is also suitable for older children and adults up to 120 - 130 kg.

CreaTimber in Physiotherapy

It’s obvious, that moving is an essential need of children. Nowdays we are aware of the fact that the moving has a great influence on the coordination, stimulates the muscle tone, developes senses, and skills. However fewer people know that moving could help in case of learning, behavioral and integration problems, too. CreaTimber is a sensorimotor development equipment, which is ideal for use in every day life, because

  • it stabilizes the vestibular system,
  • it developes attention,concentration,
  • and the ability of hand-eye coordination,
  • body awareness,
  • it helps orientation in space,
  • it developes body controll,
  • it strenghtens muscles,
  • and CreaTimber is useful in posture work.

Combining with rhymes and singing CreaTimber plays a significant role

  • in integration of moving and speaking,
  • and in improvement of speaking rhythm.

With other tools together (e.g. ball, beanbag) it allows

  • to improve the simultaneous multi-channel attention,
  • to coordinate moving the limbs,
  • to improve seriality capability.

Placing it upside (concave) children can

  • struddle, on all fours or sitting swing,
  • walk or crawl from one end to the other ,
  • swing, lying or other way.

Placing it upside down (convex)- using like a bridge- children can

  • walk or crawl through ,
  • under the „bridge” crawl,
  • balance on top on one leg,
  • jump off,
  • slide sitting or on stomach .

We recommend creatimber for all children, escpecially for children with learning and physical disabilities, language disorders, attention deficit, autism, coordination difficulties etc. They can have an new moving experience, which they have never had before. This fine wooden tool provides great opportunity for children to develope and have fun at the same time.



If you would like to order, please contact us:



50 €


CreaTimber - natural faces with coloured edges:

55 €

Please note that each CreaTimber is unique and 100% handmade so the making process takes 3-5 days.

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Shipping prices:

Zone I Zone II Zone III Zone IV
1 piece/package 15 € 20 € 26 € 38 €
2 pieces/package 17 € 22 € 28 € 39 €
3-4 pieces/package 18 € 24 € 32 € 42 €
Zone I: Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia
Zone II: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lithuania
Zone III: Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy, United Kingdom
Zone IV: Spain, Finland, Norway, Greece, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia


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